Comedy King Kevin Hart invites you for a tearjerker this Father’s Day

Wondering what special something you can do this Father’s Day for your dear Dad? Well, Netflix got your back this Father’s Day weekend! From the comfort of your home tune in to the real-life story of a single father who takes upon the herculean task of raising his newborn daughter while coping with the loss... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Shows to (Must)Watch

Besides being in the thick of a global pandemic we are also amidst a content revolution. From the way we perceive content to the way it is delivered to us has shifted tectonically. We are inclining more and more towards brands, books, and places trending on Instagram reels, we are watching shows and movies that... Continue Reading →

Love, An Enigma

What is love, been pondering over the years,is it the song of dawn that dissolves in my ears?Or the rain that cascades over my window panes and settles at its sills,perhaps it's in ombrè sky's smile that doesn't know which colour to be,maybe it's a tale twice told of all the colours bright and gold.... Continue Reading →

A Place of Love

Meet me where the cedars grow by the creek,and the green grasses speak,under lilac skies and cotton candy clouds.Where lavendar fields become the floor beneath us,where high hills never leave our sight,we will build a fire there in the night.Take me someplace,where young minds don't get lost so often,where innocent hearts aren't broken too soon.Where... Continue Reading →

Old Wine New Bottle, Old Nainital New Eyes

Once upon a time when masks and sanitizers belonged in a surgeon's den and we could travel freely, I set forth to the Himalayan resort town, Nainital in the Northern region of India. Cities have a peculiar way of wearing our minds and spirits and time and again we find ourselves lusting for a change of scenery and lifestyle if only for a week or weekend. Similar was my state of mind last year when I found myself in a dire need of a weekend getaway.

Finders Keepers

Find me where all things lost go missing,in the bleak winter and midnight kisses,across the silver creek where lily lushesas the Moon beams and water blushes,where willows weep while wind wails,like forever clings to wisteria bales. Once I am found don't let me astray,keep me close as are thorns to the rose,up the hills and... Continue Reading →


This blog, this first post has been pending for so long that it would be humiliating to mention the years. Blame it on my procrastination, fair share of reservations, overthinking, and lack of self-belief that now, amid a pandemic, I finally dared to start this blog. It so often happens that in chasing life's milestones... Continue Reading →

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